Saatva Opens Delivery to Three New Locations

Saatva, known for its exclusive online-only luxury mattresses, has recently opened up delivery to three new locations in the past three months: Buffalo, NY in September, Denver, CO in August, and Atlanta, GA in July.

The eco-friendly company has built a strategic nationwide distribution chain since its opening in 2010. Currently, the company has 10 American factories producing its luxury product and 32 distribution centers delivering coast to coast.

Saatva’s overall business success has also recently garnered the attention of Fortune Magazine. In the article entitled “This mattress company’s profits are nothing to snooze at,” Saatva’s online business model is compared among mattress industry competitors such as Sealy and Serta.

In the Fortune article, Saatva is noted as a “contender rousing the rest of the industry from its fitful slumber.” Saatva has been able to provide an ultra-premium mattress at an affordable price ($899 for a Queen) by eliminating costs and waste associated with the traditional mattress market such as rent, commissions, utilities, etc.

As mentioned in the article, Saatva has been profitable since its third month of business and has had a “300% growth year over year with projected revenue of $25 million this year and$45 million for 2015.”

In comparison to brick-and-mortar mattress giants, Saatva’s business model differs. As noted in the article, Saatva provides transparent labeling, a mattress removal service, and spends more of their money producing the product than they put into marketing. Combined, these business efforts have set Saatva apart from both traditional and other online-only mattress companies.

Saatva’s customer-centric approach and ultra-premium mattresses have helped them to become the best reviewed mattress brand on Google for 2013. They are one of the fastest growing online mattress companies in the country and have also been featured in other publications such as Forbes and ElleDecor.

About Saatva

Saatva is based out of a small coastal New England town, Westport, Connecticut. In addition to their corporate headquarters in Westport, they have additional representatives working inAustin, Texas, which serves as the base for their marketing and Internet operations. They work in unison to provide the most pleasant customer service experience. Over the last several years, Saatva has grown from a mid-sized regional luxury mattress company to one of the largest online-only mattress companies in America, shipping coast to coast. Their executive team has extensive experience in retail and e-commerce, working in the past with companies such as Brookstone, Rosetta Stone, Men’s Wearhouse, Facebook, and Apple.


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