Bathroom Furnishing: 5 mistakes To Avoid

Bathrooms and the time spent in there, are two most personal elements we have for ourselves. They are no more considered a place to do your ablutions only and have evolved as thinking spots. Some of the great ideas strike in bathrooms. There was a time when bathrooms were as princely as the houses they were held in.

Not only the way they were embellished but also their sizes were huge. With time our homes shrunk and they are shrinking by the day. With the narrowing sizes, it is important to act upon wisely to counter the space crunch and other things that could hinder your ‘me time’. A professional designer can help you to design or refurbish your favorite bathroom. Here are a few tips you should remember while furnishing your bathrooms:

  1. Materials- For designing a bathroom a lot of materials go and being a place where there would always be moisture, you need to have the best material. Use waterproof substrate before painting the walls. Do not use wallpapers as they tend to peel off when coming in contact with moisture and water.
  2. Ergonomics- Ergonomics all about the work efficiency at a working place and the former depends on the design and layout of the latter. This goes well with any part of your house or for that matter the whole house. Keep in mind the size of the bathroom space before getting stuff like- basin, tub, toilet seat etc.
  3. Storage- Storage is one thing that is imperative to a bathroom. Although the storage requirement for a bathroom is much lesser than a place say kitchen, yet you can’t ignore it. A lot of things like- soaps, shampoos, conditioner bottles, toothpaste and brush, shaving kit etc. need to be stored in the bathroom.
  4. Lights- Although we spend the least time of the day in a bathroom, yet that time is our personal time. Try to design the bathroom is a way that enables natural light into it and if that is not possible do not try to save on illuminating it. Get your bathroom lit up to the extent that it doesn’t feel like a dank place. Proper lighting also helps you in cleaning the place up efficiently.
  5. Ventilation- Ventilation is the soul of a bathroom. Bathrooms are a place for our ablutions and with that, there comes odour. A good ventilated bathroom would always be fresh and a bad one would go on a perpetual decay.

Considering the above tips you would surely get the bathroom you have ever desired.


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